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We Provide High Quality Entertainment Packages for all Budgets

​​​​Basic Home Theater Package/ With Projector And Screen

Prices Starting at $7,500​​

Call now to find out how: 757-517-3896

Too many remotes? This remote is Spartan approved. We have 3 rules. It has to be easy to use, Star Trek cool, and affordable.

Sonos Wireless Sound

We are constantly looking for new cool products to sell. This one seems to fit the bill. Check out the video and you can see why.

Harmony Home Ultimate-

  • 349.99 plus tax with $100  to program.
  • ​Perfect for closed cabinets where line of site not possible.


No visible wiring – This means we will try to wall fish wires if possible. In certain instances wall fish will not be possible. The techs on site will inform you of your options from there. Usually it consisted of using wire conduit and/or us cutting drywall and you getting this repaired. Spartan Pro-Tech doesn’t include drywall repair and/or painting in any prices. We will however, recommend you to one of our contractors we use to make process easy as possible.

Sonos, Receivers, Remotes – For any Sonos or internet base product, you need to have a wireless router connected to internet.  Software will be downloaded on phone and/or Computer. Spartan can’t be responsible for any malfunctions in these devices from that point on.  We do not trouble shoot computer problems. Any software we have to install has been tested. We have very little issues with software connecting to router.  That’s why we support it. If we can’t get device to connect to your router, you may have to call router manufacturer to trouble shoot.

Warranty – As Spartan only sell items, we offer manufactures warranty for products. However, we do cover workmanship for 1 year. If a devise fails for any reason and has to be sent off to manufacturer, customer will be responsible for any shipping and/or labor costs from manufacturer.

Harmony Ultimate One-

  • 249.99 plus tax with $100  to program.
  • ​Perfect equipment with line of site with remote.

​​​​Basic Sonos Theater Package

Prices Starting at $4,500​​